Learning Experience #2 3/22/23

During this week’s reading my group discussed the article "How School Choice Turns Education Into A Commodity" This reading focused on a lot that schools deal with, before I read this article I honestly had no idea that schools are almost seen as public good in a way. And as well as all the issues … Continue reading Learning Experience #2 3/22/23


Reflections On My Service Learning Experiences: 

One Questioning Your Experience:  During service learning, I have learned a lot especially since this class I also joined in the Spring of this year as well since I changed my major from Nursing to Education. So also having the changes in classes was a huge change. The start of service was a little rough … Continue reading Reflections On My Service Learning Experiences: 

Current Connection #1 LC3: 2/2/2023

In my learning circle we discussed the reading Wide-awakeness and the moral life by Maxine Green, we also discussed the question. What does it mean to model for our students commitment, awareness, integrity, and consciousness? A few themes I found important were commitment and awareness, by being committed we are more proud of the work … Continue reading Current Connection #1 LC3: 2/2/2023